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A bit about me

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I'm Rebecca Baker, a London-based actor, voice-over artist and writer. I will soon be playing Sister Lebedeva in short film MOISHE - filming in London and Ukraine in November/December - Doctor Babineaux in feature FROM THE CORNER OF MY EYE and Sarah Constant in TV series THE BUTTERFLY BEAT. My most notable appearances include National Theatre's NETWORK,  Secret Cinema's ROMEO + JULIET, National Youth Theatre's VIRAL and Shoreditch Town Hall's THE UNRETURN OF LYDIA OSBORN. I have also starred in several short films and theatre productions across the UK, including PLANT, FLATMATES TROUBLES, GOOD SIDE, TUBE CRUSH, PEROXIDE, and BLACKOUT and, in 2019, used this experience to write and produce my own play DAWN OF THE TRANSMATON.

I have a particular interest in Artificial General Intelligence, so when I'm not acting, my time is spent laying down the foundations for the beginnings of my own production company Zenai Pictures, which will focus on creating female-driven content about science, technology and humanities next steps.

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